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Resolving issues and outcomes

We are a bi-partisan practice with more than 75 years of combined political experience across local, state and federal governments.
We draw on our backgrounds in media, political campaigning, staffing, research and elected representation as well as decades of work with corporate clients.
This working knowledge allows us to develop and deliver individual strategies which resolve your issues and achieve your targeted outcomes.
In an increasingly complex operating environment where governments, crossbenchers and oppositions all have an agenda and a view on projects, it’s critical to start communications and engagement with the right strategies.
GXO Strategies uses our connections and knowledge, embedded in a strategy we develop with you, then deliver.

Our working knowledge allows us to deliver individualised strategies which resolve issues and achieve outcomes.


Success starts with the right strategy

Success isn’t down to luck or who you know. Success starts with the right strategy. As the electorate delivers more and more uncertainty and today’s opposition becomes tomorrow’s government you need to be able to engage across the political spectrum and across the political cycle. Our strategies cover government, crossbench and the oppposition. GXO Strategies delivers for clients in a complex political environment.
Ultimately governments have the power to decide for or against projects. Even between elections governments respond to political pressure on their decisions. Our strategies align your asks with the government’s agendas, working to mitigate their concerns and demonstrate your project’s clear advantages.
Minor parties and independents being elected to our parliaments is nothing new. More recently, though, minority governments are being formed with the support of one or more members of the crossbench. Understanding the crossbench and their influence is now a key to developing and delivering the right strategy.
Oppositions are the alternative government in waiting. Their opinions count even if they can’t decide an outcome. Understanding the opposition’s view of your project is critical to ensuring its support for the longer term. Many approvals bridge the election cycle and you don’t want your project to become unstable as the result of an election.
Strategy is at our core. No number of meetings or communications can replace a good strategy well executed. Strategies that take account of the complex operating environment of government, crossbench and opposition deliver the best possible platform for success. A strategy can be flexible dynamic while remaining a written plan for action. It’s a key document against which performance can be measured and outcomes calibrated.

GXO Strategies - Working with you to navigate today’s complex political environment.